Share FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SHARE?

SHARE stands for State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) which is a part of the Arkansas Department of Health. It is a system that connects your health care records between your providers. This includes your doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals.

What does SHARE do?

SHARE allows all members of your health care team who are connected to SHARE to see your whole health history. When they can see these details, they have more information and can take better care of you. SHARE is the only system of its kind in Arkansas.

Who can see my records in SHARE?

Health care professionals are the only people who can see your records in SHARE. They can only look at your records if they are part of your care team. It is against the law for them to look at your records for any other reason than treatment, payment and operational purposes.

How does Hark participate in SHARE?

Hark participates in SHARE to provide limited information regarding identified social determinant of health needs and connection to resources. This allows your healthcare provider to have a more comprehensive understanding of the social factors that could impact your health.

Does Hark receive any of my health information?

No, Hark only provides limited information to SHARE and does not receive any health information from any of your health providers.

Can I choose not to use SHARE?

Yes. If you do not want to use SHARE, please click here (insert link), and fill out the required form.

Is my health information safe if I used SHARE?

SHARE follows all federal and state laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) which protect your health information. These laws require your provider to keep your information private. If they share your records with each other in other ways (such as faxing or mailing), it will not be as secure as using SHARE.

What happens if I opt-out of Hark sharing my information with SHARE?

Your doctors who utilize SHARE may have a less complete record of your health, including your social determinants of health. This means they may not have all the details they need to take the best care of you. Your health record may be sent from one provider to the next in less secure ways, such as faxing or mailing.

Does Hark receive any compensation as a result of its participation in SHARE?

No, Hark does not receive any money for sharing your information with SHARE or for participating in SHARE.