***UPDATE for BCRF*** The Benton County Relief Fund is set to expire on Friday, July 12th, 2024 at 5 PM. All applicants who apply after that time cannot receive financial assistance from BCRF.

**TORNADO RELIEF** For those in Benton County directly impacted by the May 26th, 2024 storms and who have a household income of $125,000 or less are eligible to apply for the Benton County Relief Fund. Note that we are receiving an exceptionally high volume of messages. We will reply as quickly as we can!*

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Life happens.
We’re here to help.

At Hark, we help people across Northwest Arkansas get connected to needed resources. Northwest Arkansas has an abundance of amazing organizations, ready to help in times of uncertainty. Hark is ready to connect you to them.

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Or call Arkansas 211 to speak to someone on the phone.


Helping Northwest Arkansas

Hark has helped thousands of people across NWA get connected to needed resources through the region’s most comprehensive and real time updating resource map, which updates in near real time via the Hark system.


Hark Client Impact since March 2020

15,000 People Served

Thousands of people across NWA have trusted Hark to connect them.

64,000 Needs Presented

Needs are assessed across ten social determinants of health and broken down into fifty need categories.


155,000 Referrals Made

Hundreds of referrals are made daily to NWA's ecosystem of service organizations.


Connect with a Hark Community Liaison.

Hark Image CLv2

Connect with a Hark Community Liaison.

Hark Community Liaisons will build you a comprehensive resource plan tailor-made to connect you to solutions. Hark CL's are highly qualified professionals that know the ecosystem of NWA resources backward and forward. Think of them as your health and human services wing person.


Complete our confidential and simple sign-up process that doesn’t take a lot of your time. 



A Hark Community Liaison will contact you to provide a brief needs assessment which helps develop your customized and comprehensive resource plan.



Your Community Liaison will even follow up to ensure you get connected to resources.

I don't qualify for unemployment but I am not getting enough hours. I just want to make sure my daughter has clothes, food, and a secure roof over her head.

Hark Client

You don't know how much it means to have a safety net right now.

Hark Client

You gave me a chance and worked hard to get me a place to live. I recently upgraded to a two bedroom apartment and got married. I am a testimony that Hark works!

Hark Client

Just having someone who cares and to guide me is huge.

Hark Client


Quick, confidential & easy connection process.

You will be contacted by a Hark Community Liaison soon.

What areas do you
need support in?

Education Food Legal Money Housing Health Social Support Transit Goods Work

My Resource Plan

Housing Assistance
Early Childhood Education Support
Community Support Services
Get Help
Directions & Helpful

Get connected with real solutions.

You will receive your custom resource plan directly to your inbox or phone based on your choice. It even comes with driving directions and helpful tips!

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Upskill NWA

There has never been a better time to take your career to the next level. Upskill NWA connects you to higher-paying and in-demand career opportunities throughout our region. 

Upskill NWA comes to work every day with the mission to connect you to your dream career. Currently, we connect participants to career opportunities in the healthcare field and take care of things like tuition, books, fees, licensing exam costs, and other historical barriers. As an Upskill NWA participant, you are partnered with a Career Navigator who is with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Find your path and purpose with the help of Upskill NWA.

Learn More

If you wish to speak to someone by phone, simply call 2-1-1.

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We’re here to help you
find the resources you need.

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AdobeStock 248988672 Through its partnership with United Way/Arkansas 211...

...Hark is showing the world how its approach can help

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We get it. Life happens and it happens to all of us. Let us help you get connected to resources today. 

AdobeStock 417022977 EAP+ Program

EAP+ is a supplement to existing employee assistance programs at area organizations.

AdobeStock 393136614 Life Happens to All of Us...

Hark can connect you with resources right here in Northwest Arkansas.

basketball Excellerate Foundation

Hark is a division of Excellerate Foundation, a community foundation serving Northwest Arkansas.

38A22A03 The Coordinate NWA Summit 2022

After a three year pause, we returned healthy, renewed, and especially grateful for our community of helpers.. In the past, CNWA was action packed in Hark's usual drinking from the firehose style, but it was time for a fresh approach.