This is a notification that the Catalyst Fund will be coming to an end when the remaining funds run out. Based on the current demand, we predict this to happen by mid-October 2023.

Hark Technology

Hark takes an innovative approach in connecting people to resources using the Hark technology platform.

Hark Technology iPad 11.1
Resource Map of Organizations

Robust Resource Map

Hark houses our region's most robust database full of high impact services. We ensure you get connected so referrals are not dropped.

Confidential Secure HIIPAA Compliant Client Database

Confidential and Secure

Your privacy and confidence are paramount to us. We go to extreme measures to ensure the security and privacy of your information.

Robust SDOH Needs Assessment

Holistic Needs Assessment

Needs are assessed across ten different determinants of your total health and wellness. Those are often called the social determinants of health.

Actionable Community Data Insights

Actionable Community Data and Insights

We believe strongly that data is a flashlight. Leveraging our Hark database, we actively identify where our community is strong and where we have opportunities. The key for us is that every insight be followed by action.

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